The Need for Clarity

On Jan. 22nd, 2022, the family of churches to which I belong held an online workshop for small church leaders in Asia. I joined as I am a small church leader in Okinawa, Japan. We currently have about 15 adult members. It was so encouraging to see nearly 200 leaders from over 10 countries around Asia.

Challenges for small church leaders

Being a leader in a small church (churches with less than 100 christians) comes with certain challenges but also certain advantages.

I think the advantages are that people are not stuck in tradition, they are more willing to try new things because the focus is more on getting things moving, rather than sustaining something that is already there.

Some challenges include, that fact that resources are scarce. For example, in our church all of us work full-time jobs while serving the church - there is no full-time leader.

The biggest challenge is clarity

Personally, the most challenging thing is achieving clarity. It is crucial for being a joyful leader so I think clarity is going to be a big theme for me this year.

To be clear and confident about where I want to go and where I want people to follow takes a lot of time and effort, and most of the times it drains my energy.

I have read books, watched videos, gotten advice but I never seem to be clear on things. I am always searching for the next thing that will bring me clarity! "Maybe this book will, this course, etc".

However, I am beginning to realize that I equate *clarity* to *being right*. In other words, if I am confident that this is the only way, the right way, then I feel I have clarity. But the reality is that there is no one "correct" answer for the question, "what should my church focus on this year?"

The important thing is to *choose*. After I choose then I have started walking down a path, and once I start walking down that path, God can guide me in the way he wants me to go. But if I do not choose, then I am not moving - and that is not leadership.


I will continue to search for good questions to help me have better clarity. I will continue to learn how to communicate these ideas and goals to my church so that we can grow and glorify God. But I will not expect there to be a magic book or person who can magically make me into a clearer person. I will enjoy the process and see how I grow this year.

Having clarity is only a means to an end, and my end is to have more joy as a leader.  

As I write this blog, even I am sure that my voice will grow in clarity over time. I look forward to seeing how it will change and grow.

I look forward in being more clear on leading this church, helping people with specific learning difficulties, and helping children learn second languages.

I wish for your year to be filled with clarity.